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Case Studies

TCR are upgrading a control system in Weybridge, with remote monitoring.
16th January 2018

TCR Watering are currently installing a new watering system with a Rain Bird IQ remote monitoring controller. This allows TCR to access the IQ from any web enabled device, notifying us of any station... [Read More]

Ongoing works at a large residential property in Cheshire.
14th August 2017

TCR are in the middle of Phase 2 works to a large residential property in Cheshire. A double row of dripline irrigation has been installed to 2m yew hedging around a children’s play area and a w... [Read More]

Drain down of PC Controlled Watering System in St Georges Hill
18th January 2017

TCR drained down a PC controlled watering system in St Georges Hill at the end of 2016. This system has a smart controller that is WI-FI ENABLED. This controls and monitors the sprinkler system from... [Read More]

TCR Install Iron Filtration in Virginia Waters
14th November 2016

Iron in surface or borehole water can cause problems to irrigation systems and leave a deposit on plants and walls/hard landscapes. TCR are currently installing a new filtration system to remove th... [Read More]

Watering Turf
20th June 2016

We have just completed an installation of a new system that will irrigate new turf in an area of 345m² of new turf. The system will apply water five time s a day and we are pleased to say that the... [Read More]

Central London
30th May 2016

TCR have completed refurbishing an irrigation system in Central London. This consisted of renewing dripline to all the flowerbeds and new solenoid assemblies, ensuring that the system can meet the ha... [Read More]

Called in to rectify an existing watering system in Weybridge, installed by others.
14th March 2016

TCR has been asked to come in and rectify the installation of a system that was installed 4 years ago and never worked to the client’s satisfaction. For this to happen TCR has installed a larger ... [Read More]

Garden irrigation to large garden in Chelsea
7th March 2016

Over the winter TCR have been installing a new irrigation system that uses rainwater harvesting with mains water back up, to irrigate a garden irrigation system in Chelsea, overlooking the Thames. ... [Read More]

New installation in the Heart of Cheshire
22nd February 2016

Over the winter TCR has installed a new system to a garden on pure soil, in the heart of Cheshire. The system has a 7000 litre irrigation tank with a submersible pump located in the tank so that it... [Read More]

New project in Oxfordshire watering mature specimen trees.
20th March 2015

TCR have won a new contract in Oxfordshire for the installation of an irrigation system watering an avenue of two hundred and forty mature specimen trees. The sprinklers of choice will be RainBird 18... [Read More]

Large watering system installed in Shropshire
6th March 2015

TCR have recently completed the installation of a large automatic watering system in Shropshire. The site being watered includes lawns, trees and flowerbeds. A variable speed pump was selected t... [Read More]

Additional works in Ollerton, Cheshire
6th February 2015

TCR have returned once again to a large residential site in Ollerton, South Cheshire. Further to the extensive installation works carried out by TCR already on this site, the client has commissioned ... [Read More]

Project in Elephant and Castle for irrigation to new apartment blocks with rainwater harvesting
30th January 2015

TCR are pleased to say that they have been appointed, over strong competition, to install an irrigation system to an apartment block overlooking the River Thames. The system will be fully monitored... [Read More]

TCR Installing a new automatic watering system
18th June 2014

TCR have once again been called in to install a new automatic watering system. The system is to irrigate the front and rear garden of a large town house, using mains water. A tailor made water stor... [Read More]

Pool roof Garden Watering in Surrey
29th May 2014

TCR Watering have been called in to an existing client in the Surrey area. The client has recently had their pool roof garden re-turfed and consequently wants to ensure the best level of watering pos... [Read More]

Irrigation design for prestigious housing development
25th April 2014

TCR have been commissioned to design by a Buckinghamshire landscape company four separate irrigation systems to a housing development. Each of the systems will be independent and run off rain water h... [Read More]

New Instruction on Garden Watering system in Maida Vale
3rd April 2014

TCR are delighted to have been instructed by one of London’s leading landscape companies to install a new garden watering system in Maida Vale. The client is completely redesigning the garden, ... [Read More]

TCR Watering saving the bacon
19th March 2014

A call out with a difference. TCR Watering were called out to a watering system where the pump had failed. On investigation by one of our engineers it was assessed that a new pump was needed. Not o... [Read More]

Another aerator being installed in large residential site in Peeover, Cheshire..
26th February 2014

TCR are currently installing a second aerator at a large residential site in South Cheshire. We were delighted to be commissioned once again, by an existing client to carry out the works after the s... [Read More]

TCR called in to install a new pump.
7th February 2014

TCR were called in by an existing client to replace a pump at a location in South Cheshire. TCR had not installed the original pump and on investigation it was found that the client's current pu... [Read More]

TCR called in to a large residential property to sort out problems with a faulty filtration system.
23rd January 2014

TCR called in to a pumping system located in Virginia Waters, Surrey, that the client uses for irrigation, lake fill and taps around the garden. It has an iron filtration system which wasn’t working... [Read More]

Sub surface mixer being installed in Cheshire
8th January 2014

TCR are currently installing a sub surface mixer for an existing client, to the lake of a large residential property in Cheshire.... [Read More]

TCR Watering pick up two new service contracts for prestigious sites in central London
12th December 2013

TCR are delighted to have been chosen for the annual service contracts for communal gardens in central London. The larger of the two systems located in one of our leading colleges is supplied mains... [Read More]

TCR install new stations and modify a watering system in central London
29th November 2013

TCR have been given the order to install new stations to improve water distribution and modify several areas.... [Read More]

Weather station controls an irrigation system in Kent installed by TCR.
12th November 2013

We were pleased to be awarded the contract to design and install a watering system to an ornate garden in Kent. The Irrigation system is fed water from a borehole and controlled by a weather stat... [Read More]

Once again TCR Watering comes to the rescue when called out, servicing another irrigation system that they did not install.
29th October 2013

TCR are pleased to help a new client in Weybridge, Surrey to get their system running. With one of the driest summer for years TCR received a call from a concerned gardener that their system wasn&#... [Read More]

TCR to survey an irrigation system
16th October 2013

The site, located next to Tower Bridge is used for many prominent photo shoots / marketing campaigns needs to be kept in pristine condition. So TCR have been brought in to survey the watering system.... [Read More]

A mains fed garden watering system totally non overlooked in Mill Hill, North London and watering mainly lawn areas
3rd October 2013

A fully automated watering system designed and installed by TCR. With pop up sprinklers watering lawns and borders and a micro sprays for greenhouse watering.... [Read More]

A fully automated watering system designed and installed for a large garden in Surrey
17th September 2013

A fully automated watering system designed and install for a large garden in Surrey. The system is fed via borehole with pop ups to the lawns, micro sprays to flower borders and double line drip to h... [Read More]

Designed and installed an automatic system to a garden in St Georges Hill
3rd September 2013

A secluded garden in the heart of St George’s Hill running a mains water feed to a holding tank and 23 stations, watering the lawn and flower beds.... [Read More]

Irrigation Design and Specification for an 8 acre site in Virginia Waters.
6th August 2013

Design a system for a fully automated garden watering system to 8 acres in Virginia Waters. The system gets its’ water from a borehole and irrigates the grass with Toro sprinklers and micro sprays ... [Read More]

Installation of a small automatic garden watering system at a new build in Hale, Altrincham, watering shrubs and hedges
28th June 2013

TCR were commissioned by a North West building contractor, to install a small automatic watering system to a new build in Hale. The system consisted of a tap timer, approximately 800m of dripline, w... [Read More]

Installation of a garden watering system to gardens with panoramic views over the Cheshire countryside
13th June 2013

Fed from a borehole the 8 station system waters the flower beds surrounding the house using micro sprinklers.... [Read More]

Full garden watering system designed and installed, with PC control and rainwater harvesting.
1st June 2013

Working direct with the client TCR installed an extensive Rain Bird automatic watering system to the 4 acre garden with pop ups in lawn and flower beds. The system extracts water from a local lake.... [Read More]

Install an automatic watering system to the formal gardens and golf greens in rural Cheshire.
23rd May 2013

The watering system is fed via a borehole to an underground storage tank where it has pop up sprinklers to the lawn areas in the formal garden and micro sprinklers to the flower beds and drip line to ... [Read More]

Installation and design of garden irrigation to a garden in Altrincham.
10th May 2013

TCR were commissioned by a local world renowned construction company to install a 6 station watering system to the main lawn and flower beds.... [Read More]

Irrigation tender design and specification for new residential development in Central London overlooking the Thames
25th April 2013

TCR have been appointed by a leading Architectural and Design company to write a tender package with full specification pipe route and running costs for a new development overlooking a world renowned ... [Read More]