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Case Studies North

New sprinklers added onto an existing garden watering system in South Cheshire.

15th March 2019

TCR have been asked by a client if it was possible to add some sprinklers onto their existing garden irrigation system. The 40M x 2.5M strip of lawn is a long narrow turf area which will use the 4” Rain Bird 1800’s pop up sprinklers which will have Hunter MP Rotator nozzles installed. One extra […]

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Three Way Valve Pit – Pre-Installation test fitting.

15th February 2019

Here we have a picture of a typical valve box/valve pit, pre-installation. The mains water pipework comes in and is distributed via the manifold to the three stations. Each station is controlled by the irrigation controller, which gives each station independent and full control to the user. In this instance the valve box/valve pit has […]

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Two phase design for residential property on outskirts of Crewe.

7th February 2019

After a recent site visit, the Client would like to install an irrigation system in two phases. It has well-established residential gardens to the front and rear of the property. TCR created two designs, one for the rear gardens and one for the front. The design includes an Irrigation Tank and pump system which is […]

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Design and installation for an automated watering system for Wedding Venue in South Cheshire

1st February 2019

TCR have been commissioned to design and install a comprehensive watering system for a picturesque Wedding Venue in South Cheshire. Our engineers are currently onsite installing the designed system, working in conjunction with the groundsman. This is a 40mm tank fed system, designed to feed over 100 sprinklers. The sprinklers are Rain Bird 1800 Series […]

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Extend large watering system in South Cheshire

25th January 2019

November 2018 TCR have returned once again to a large residential site in Ollerton, South Cheshire. Further to the extensive installation works carried out by TCR already on this site, the client has commissioned us to extend the system, installing microsprays to the flower beds and sprinklers to a further lawn areas

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Installation in the Heart of Cheshire

17th January 2019

Over the winter TCR has installed a new system to a garden on pure soil, in the heart of Cheshire. The system has a 7000 litre irrigation tank with a submersible pump located in the tank so that it is unobtrusive. The system will be controlled by a Hunter Pro C controller that will operate […]

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Ongoing works at a large residential property in Cheshire.

14th August 2017

TCR are in the middle of Phase 2 works to a large residential property in Cheshire. A double row of dripline irrigation has been installed to 2m yew hedging around a children’s play area and a water feed with isolation valve to a water feature. The irrigation is also being extended to irrigate fruit trees […]

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Large watering system installed in Shropshire

6th March 2015

TCR have recently completed the installation of a large automatic watering system in Shropshire. The site being watered includes lawns, trees and flowerbeds. A variable speed pump was selected that can match the duty of the system thus reducing the running costs of the system (electric) and wear on the pump. The system is being […]

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Another aerator being installed in large residential site in Peeover, Cheshire..

26th February 2014

TCR are currently installing a second aerator at a large residential site in South Cheshire. We were delighted to be commissioned once again, by an existing client to carry out the works after the success of the installation of the first aerator to a large lake on the site. Aeration of water is achieved by […]

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TCR called in to install a new pump.

7th February 2014

TCR were called in by an existing client to replace a pump at a location in South Cheshire. TCR had not installed the original pump and on investigation it was found that the client’s current pump was 80% larger than it needed to be. The new pump requirement was assessed and a pump installed that […]

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Sub surface mixer being installed in Cheshire

8th January 2014

TCR are currently installing a sub surface mixer for an existing client, to the lake of a large residential property in Cheshire.

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Installation of a small automatic garden watering system at a new build in Hale, Altrincham, watering shrubs and hedges

28th June 2013

TCR were commissioned by a North West building contractor, to install a small automatic watering system to a new build in Hale. The system consisted of a tap timer, approximately 800m of dripline, watering newly planted trees, new hedges and border hedges.

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Installation of a garden watering system to gardens with panoramic views over the Cheshire countryside

13th June 2013

Fed from a borehole the 8 station system waters the flower beds surrounding the house using micro sprinklers.

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Install an automatic watering system to the formal gardens and golf greens in rural Cheshire.

23rd May 2013

The watering system is fed via a borehole to an underground storage tank where it has pop up sprinklers to the lawn areas in the formal garden and micro sprinklers to the flower beds and drip line to the hedges. In addition the garden was extended to the clients golf greens

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Installation and design of garden irrigation to a garden in Altrincham.

10th May 2013

TCR were commissioned by a local world renowned construction company to install a 6 station watering system to the main lawn and flower beds.

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